When I started my business, I thought I would spend my days doing what l love--writing and editing technical documents. Instead, I spent my days chasing clients and trying to keep my head above water. Every day, I felt like I was drowning. I was frustrated, angry, and exhausted, and I kept dreaming about how great it was going to be "some day" when I finally built a stable, sustainable business.

But "some day" never came.

When I wasn't cold calling prospective clients (the equivalent of creating free content and lead magnets back then),  I was attending networking events or going on coffee dates that turned into nothing.

Until one day, when a local engineering firm asked me to help them with their government proposals. I had never written a proposal for a government contract before. But, I was a writer...how hard could it be?

Right away, I saw why my client had been losing so many bids. And I knew how I could help them.

Over the next few months, I helped that client win six government contracts worth over $10 million. They loved my work so much, they referred me to their teaming partners. And before I knew it, I was developing proposals and government contracting sales strategies full time.

That's when I realized: if I could win government contracts for other people, why couldn't I win them for myself.

My first government contract was in 2009. I made $44,000 to do the work I loved--editing environmental documents. Since 2009, I've grown my company, Peak Science Communications, from a single-person, technical editing company to a full-service environmental consulting firm with over $68 million in multi-year contracts. And I did it during the Great Recession.

And now, I'm helping other small businesses do the same.

Instantly discover if government agencies buy what you sell